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Aseh Environmental History Bibliography



The American Society for Environmental History encourages scholarship on the interactions between humans and the natural world (or among humans and non-humans) through time. Membership of the Society is markedly interdisciplinary and international, and the work of ASEH members ranges across the ages, from crucial concerns of the present to the farthest reaches of human time.

As a non-profit scholarly organization, ASEH promotes research and teaching in environmental history, engages in public outreach, and supports its members’ professional needs. We offer a heartfelt welcome to all those with an interest in these activities, details of which can be found elsewhere on this website.

The Society holds a lively and well-attended annual conference, encourages local / regional activities in support of its mission, and publishes Environmental History, an excellent scholarly journal, jointly with the Forest History Society, under the auspices of Oxford University Press.

Please explore this website for more details about our mission, our journal, and our newsletter, conferences and workshops, travel grants, fellowships, teaching resources, and more – as well as information about how to become a member of the Society.

-Graeme Wynn, FRSC
ASEH President


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The WWW-VL: World History Index

The Environmental History section of the WWW Virtual Library, part of the WWW VL History Network, is maintained by the European Society for Environmental History.


 American Society for Environmental History

Association for Environmental Archaeology

Australian Forest History Society

 European Society for Environmental History

Forest History Society

International Society of Industrial Ecology (ISIE)

IUFRO forest history

Research Centres

The AHRC Centre for Environmental History

Cemus: Centre for environment and development studies, Uppsala (In Swedish)

Center for Maritime and Regional Studies, University of Southern Denmark

Centre for World Environmental History, University of Sussex

The Institute for Environmental History at the University of St. Andrews (Scotland)

Zentrum f�r Umweltgeschichte, IFF Vienna (Centre for Environmental History)

Projects and networks

Changing Landscapes. Centre for Strategic Studies in Cultural Environment, Nature and Landscape History, University of Southern Denmark.

The Sea and the Cities project studies the environmental history of urban water pollution and protection in the Baltic Sea region.

University of Cambridge: Documenting Environmental Change - Research Register

H-Environment discussion network

Human Impacts on Terrestrial Ecosystems (HITE).

Research on Environmental History of Indonesia at IIAS, Leiden, The Netherlands

Interdisciplinary Research Network for Environment and Society.
A voluntary network of motivated individuals at research institutes across the UK.

Mensch Gesellschaft Umwelt, University of Basel (In German)


Environmental History

Environment and History

Italian newsletter on environment and history (In Italian)

Klaudyan, Czech Internet Journal for Historical Geography and Environmental History (Mostly in Czech)

Teaching resources

Personal websites

Karel Leenders' home page

Lajos Racz environmental history Website



African Environmental History at Boston University


Australian Environmental History at ANU



International Environmental Group. University of Tampere



Gateway for Environmental History in Germany (In German)

Historische Hochwasser/ Historischer Hochwasserschutz (Historical floods/ Historical flood protection)(In German)

(RH)EINBLICKE - Environmental history of the Rine landscape since the 19th century (In German)

New Zealand

Land & People project, University of Otago

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