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Ie Business School Video Essay Best

Financial AidIf I receive a loan from Sabadell, when will I receive my diploma?

Those students that have outstanding loans from Sabadell will receive a provisional diploma at the graduation ceremony due to the specific conditions in place with these cooperating financial institutions. While the diploma itself contains text indicating it is provisional, there is no difference in the distribution of folders at the graduation ceremony. Once the loan is paid in full, graduates should send the confirmation to so that the final diploma can be mailed by post. Should you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to contact


AdmissionsWhat part of the application is most important? What should I focus on?

We take a holistic approach to admissions, therefore, the entire application is important and we will review it in detail. In particular we look at your work experience and career development, international exposure, motivation to do the program, interpersonal skills, academic performance, entrance exam, and your English or Spanish language abilities, depending on which language track you’re applying to.

AdmissionsDo I need to come to Madrid to do the formal interview?

If you have the opportunity to come on campus, we highly recommend it. The interview can also be conducted at one of our offices around the world with one of our representatives or in your city by an alumnus. In case a face-to-face interview is not possible, we can also schedule a Skype interview.

AdmissionsHow long will the Admissions Committee need to review my application?

Once you submit your online application, we will try to get back to you in 1 to 3 weeks after a first revision. We will let you know if any documents are pending, or if we feel your profile is aligned to what we are looking for we will invite you to a formal interview. Once the interview is completed and all your documentation is submitted the Admissions Committee will get back to you with a final decision between 1-3 weeks. Please bear in mind that over holiday periods this timeframe could be longer.

AdmissionsWhen is the deadline to apply to the International MBA program?

We have a rolling admissions process, so there are no application deadlines. However, given the limited number of places in the program and the time needed for visas and securing financing, it is highly recommended that you apply approximately one year to six months prior to program commencement.

ProgramAre there fewer internship opportunities in the September/January intake?

No, it will depend on the sector in which you would like to do the internship. Please keep in mind that different sectors have different timings and some of them take summer internships very seriously. You will need to be aware of these deadlines and timings so you know which intake would benefit you most. Take into account that in the September intake the internship during the program will take place approximately between February to April and in the January intake from August to October. There is also the option of doing post academic internships (after the program).

ProgramIs it possible to take part in the Venture Lab and also to do an internship?

The Academic Department will inform you about all the options available at the beginning of the program. As it is a very intense 1 year program some opportunities will overlap so you will have to decide what your priorities are, what you want to get out of the masters, and what you want to focus on in career and you will need to take decisions that will help you to achieve your goals.

ProgramCan I customize my International MBA?

Around 40% of the program content can be tailored to your needs. Customizing your program begins with the Lab Period where you will choose between the Business Impact Lab, Start-up Lab, and Social Impact Lab. You will continue to customize your program during the Elective Period, where you will have a wide range of options to choose from, such as elective courses focusing on specific trends, exchange programs, internships, the Venture Lab, etc. The third and final customizable part of the program is IMBA Unplugged (for a select number of students) which allows you to extend the length of the program.

ProgramHow is the September intake different from the January intake?

The programs are designed to deliver exactly the same content, meaning it’s the same program for both intakes. The main difference lies in the elective options available. Please make sure you ask your admissions advisor or regional representative about the differences in timings on specific elective options if you have any doubts.

Financial AidWhen can I apply for a scholarship?

You can start your online Financial Aid application as soon as you start your admissions process. You can also submit both applications at the same time, but you will not receive a final decision from Financial Aid until you are granted admission.

Financial AidIs there a deadline to apply for scholarships?

As with our admissions process, there is no specific deadline to apply, but some scholarships have specific deadlines. Keep in mind that there are a limited number of funds available for each scholarship. For the best chance at securing funds we recommend that you apply six months in advance if you think you’ll need financial assistance.

Admissions Tip: Video Essays

It’s no secret that the use of video in the MBA application is becoming increasingly popular among top business schools. Schools that now use these so-called video essays include Northwestern / Kellogg, INSEAD and Yale SOM. Typically you will be provided with a question, then a short amount of time to think about the question (30 seconds for example) and then a limited amount of time to provide your recorded answer, typically 60-90 seconds. In the tips that follow, we’ll explain the origins of video essays and provide a series of practical and strategic pointers to ensure that you ace this aspect of the admissions process.


Why B-Schools Use Video Essays

So why are some schools adopting this new means of assessing a candidacy – beyond the fact that it is new technology that was not available in earlier years?

1. Authenticity

Video essays have to be submitted without the direct support of admissions consultants and others who can provide feedback for candidates. In that sense, the content response can be perceived as more authentic than an essay;  schools know with a degree is certainty that this is the response of the candidate.

2. English Language & Communications Skills

Because a candidate cannot get editing support for these responses, it is also a great test of the language skills of a candidate. It is also a good test of broader communication skills, testing your ability to think in the moment, gathering your thoughts and responding. Certainly the video responses provide a different level of assessment of communication than what can be learned in the essays, which may have been edited by others.

3. Spontaneity

In most cases, a candidate will not have the questions ahead of the time that the responses are required, which is typically after the application is submitted. This forces the candidate to be spontaneous.  Of course, the questions are not supposed to be overly tricky, and you can get a sense of the types of questions asked by searching the web; some schools even have practice questions on their website. Clear Admit’s Yale Interview Guide includes some of the questions that have been used by Yale in previous years. Yale asks for three video responses, drawn randomly from a bank of questions.


Video Essay Tips

1. Practice makes perfect!

Because you don’t know your questions ahead of answering a video essay, this does not mean you should not practice. On the contrary, it is very important to practice answering questions in this format. You can get a sense of timing so you can understand how long 90 seconds is, when you are answering one question. It can also be strange at first, when you are providing your answers without getting any visual cues from your audience, as you would in a traditional interview. Those cues can help you direct your response in a traditional interview, in a video response you are on your own. So practice, and then practice some more.

2. Review your work

If you use Skype, or similar technology, practice creating video messages, and review. You should also consider your eye contact, look at the camera, not at the screen, which is more natural for you. Also make sure that your camera is at eye-level, you don’t want to be looking up, or down, at the camera. Looking at the camera, and making sure the camera is at eye-level will best simulate an in person experience for the person(s) reviewing the videos.

3. Video essays should support the application messaging

As with any other part of your application, keep on message. Your video responses will be reviewed in the broader context of the remainder of your application, your experiences, goals and so forth. It is important that your video responses support your goals, while highlighting your personality.

4. Don’t let setting, wardrobe, or technology distract

Dress well, at least for the part of you that will be visible. Make sure that the room in which you record your videos has a clean background, and the lighting of the room helps highlight you. You want the person who is viewing your videos to be able to see you clearly, and not be distracted by the background. Also make sure that there are no other audio distractions during your video responses, and that your technology is tested, and works!


Final Thoughts

Responses to video essays might not need to be perfect, but they will add a significant dimension to your application that cannot be gleaned from other aspects of the written application. For this reason, these responses are very important, and practice, even around questions that might not be used, will help you overcome any unfamiliarity with this new format.



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