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Urbz Ds How To Write A Doctoral Thesis Or Dissertation

The Urbz: Sims in the City is a handheld game in The Sims series. Here is a walkthrough to help complete the game.


The game is a continuation of The Sims Bustin' Out. <Sim>'s rocket crashes into King Tower, and shortly thereafter s/he is employed as a janitor there.

Chapter 1Edit

Part 1: Slave to the GrindEdit

Triggered by Kris Thistle, after the opening cutscene.

There is giant Simoleon sign on the King Tower's roof. Go towards it to commence the "Squeegee Clean" minigame. Check the minigames section for more information.

Get your relationship with Kris Thistle to at least 30.

  • Give Kris your Squeegee and Bucket

While interacting with Kris Thistle, click on "Friendly Stuff", and then "Give a Gift". Select your Squeegee and Bucket from your pockets to give it to her.

Part 2: Get Cleaned UpEdit

Triggered by Kris Thistle, after you completes Chapter 1, Part 1.

There are showers at the Water's Gym and your penthouse. Walk up to the shower and use it.

There are couches at the Lobby, the Law Office, and your penthouse. Walk up to the couch and take a nap on it. Alternatively, there is a bed at the Law Office as well.

  • Eat Something from the Vending Machine

There is a vending machine at the Lobby. Walk up to the vending machine and buy food. The vending machine serves free food until the end of Chapter 1.

Part 3: Help Kris ThistleEdit

Triggered by Kris Thistle, after you complete Chapter 1, Part 2.

  • Move the Bed to the Suite

There is a bed at the law office. Put it in your pocket. Then, place the bed in your penthouse.

There is a television at the Law Office. Click on it and repair it. If you fail, try again. When repaired, a black and white projection of Harlan King will emerge from it.

  • Repair Two Drinking Fountains

There are drinking fountains at the Water's Gym and the Lobby. Click on those that require repairing, and repair them. You are required to repair two fountains.

Part 4: Find the KeyEdit

Triggered by Kris Thistle, after the player completes Chapter 1, Part 3.

  • Earn One Mechanical Skill Point

There is a workbench at the Law Office, close to where the television is. Click on it to study mechanical. Pushing the A button rapidly increases the rate at which you learn. You are required to earn one mechanical skill point.

Click on the double doors at the Law Office and pick the lock. Once the bar is filled the doors are unlocked.

The key is behind the desk.

Part 5: Get out of JailEdit

Triggered by Detective Dan D. Mann, after the player completes Chapter 1, Part 4 and answers his questions.

  • Befriend Detective Dan (Rel 30)

You are required to answer his questions before you are able to interact with him. Attain a relationship of 30 with him.

  • Answer Detective Dan's Questions

Detective Dan has a total of six questions. Choose the following answers for each of the corresponding questions.

  1. "Yes."
  2. (any option)
  3. "The janitor told me I could stay."
  4. "Real food, I was tired of eating junk."
  5. "No. He is finding legal ways to make people miserable."
  6. (any option)

Part 6: Find a Place to LiveEdit

Triggered by Detective Dan D. Mann, after the player completes Chapter 1, Part 5.

The Hoopz Minigame is located on the roof of the jail.

  • Earn §150 for Rent and Taxes

Earn §150. You can earn the money by playing Hoopz, or by picking up litter strewn along the streets and selling them to the deputy. You may sell aluminum cans or license plates, but do not sell trash, nuclear rods, or three-eyed frogs, as you will need them for later missions.

There are two houses available, the Small Brownstone (§150) and the Large Brownstone (§200).

Chapter 2Edit

Part 1: Work StudyEdit

Triggered by Sue Pirnova.

  • Befriend Maximillian Moore

Attain a relationship of 30 with Maximilian Moore.

  • Give the Artemesia Plant to Max

The Artemesia Plant is located behind the Large Brownstone and in front of a dumpster. It will wilt within an hour after picking, so you will have to get it to Max within that time. If you fail, give the wilted plant to Max and try again.

There are three different theses. The first thesis is attained by writing it on the computer at the Miniopolis Chronicle. Success is determined by the Logic skill. The second thesis is attained by getting a relationship of 40 with Lincoln Broadsheet. Then, write a thesis on the computer at the Miniopolis Chronicle. This thesis has a 100% success rate. The third thesis is attained by buying it off Berkeley Clodd for §500. However, unlike the first two theses Max will not accept the third one.

After completing this mission, the player can now take classes at the university and can play the Dr. Max Stat minigame.

Part 2: Gotta Finish the RiffEdit

Triggered by Phoebe Twiddle.

  • Befriend Cannonball Coleman

Attain a relationship of 30 with Cannonball Coleman.

  • Give a Saxophone Reed to Cannonball Coleman

There is a saxophone reed for sale at the Second Looks' Thrift Shop for §50. Buy it and give it to Cannonball Coleman.

To earn creativity 1, you can either take a creativity class at the university for §10, or critique the graffiti on the dumpster behind the Large Brownstone.

Cannonball will recite lyrics and you must complete them. There are four lines of lyrics to complete.

  1. "...up to old tricks."
  2. "...feeling so right."
  3. " chill as a lake."
  4. "...saxophone reed."

After completing this mission, the Comedian minigame is unlocked.

Part 3: Race for GloryEdit

Triggered by Dusty Hogg.

  • Give Dusty §500 for Renovations
  • Talk to Ewan Watahmee
  • Bring Ewan Lunch for 3 Days (12 - 1pm)

Go to the pizza bar and purchase 3 food items (the cheapest being the soda at §5). Every day at 12 pm, Ewan will wait at the motorcycle workshop south of Urbania. Meet him exactly between 12pm and 1pm and give him the food for 3 days.

After completing this mission, the Motocross Mayhem minigame is unlocked.

Part 4: SalesmanshipEdit

Triggered by Berkeley Clodd.

  • Attend an Auction between 5 and 7pm

Between 5 and 7pm, visit the Second Looks' Thrift Store and talk to the clerk.

  • Acquire the Shrunken Head

The market value of the shrunken head is §250. Simply bid higher than the other contestants and you will receive it. If your auctioning skills are good, or if you're lucky, you may be able to acquire it at less than §200.

  • Give the Shrunken Head to Berkeley Clodd

Find Berkeley Clodd and give it to him.

After completing this mission, you will receive a hoverboard. Press R when it is in your pocket to use.

Part 5: Club XizzleEdit

Triggered by Crystal.

  • Take Crystal Out On the Town

Go to the pizza bar.

Buy a slice of pizza (§20) and give it to Crystal.

There are rhythm game machines opposite the entrance. Play them.

Go to the Second Looks' Thrift Shop.

Go to Drifter Woods, the street vendor near the pizza bar, and buy anything for Crystal.

After completing this mission, the location of Club Xizzle will be revealed. The password is 'BUCKET'.

Part 6: Road to Sim QuarterEdit

Triggered by Gramma Hattie, after completing the first five parts.

Attain a minimum of relationship 50 with at least three people.

Give §500 to Gramma Hattie.

  • Earn 2 Promotions in Local Jobs

Attain Level 3 in either Hoopz, Dr. Max Stat, Comedian, or Motocross Mayhem, or Level 2 in at least two of the mentioned minigames.

After completing this mission, Sim Quarter will be unlocked.

Chapter 3Edit

Part 1: Mission for the MannEdit

Triggered by Detective Dan D. Mann.

The Moogoo Monkey minigame is located at the Riverboat.

  • Follow the Directions on the Bulletin Board

Note: You are required to complete Chapter 3 Part 3 first.

Go to the Miniopolis Chronicle and look at the bulletin board. One of the notices will have your name on it. Go to the museum entrance and search the bushes, and you will receive a piece of paper. Go to the graveyard and search the back of the southern-most grave, and you will receive a slip of paper. Give the slip of paper to Berkeley Clodd and he will give you a briefcase.

  • Give the Mysterious Briefcase to Det. Dan
  • Give the Rigged Briefcase to Giuseppi

The Moogoo Monkey minigame will be unlocked as soon as the mission has begun.

Part 2: Daddy Bigbucks and the Xizzle FactoryEdit

Triggered by Lily Gates; named "Batten Down the Hatches" in the GBA.

  • Earn Creativity 5
  • Convince Ewan to Fix the Factory (rel 50)

Attain a relationship of 50 with Ewan Watahmee.

  • Challenge and Beat Dusty Hogg (6-7pm)

Beat Dusty Hogg at Motocross Mayhem.

  • Convince Polly to Help at the Factory (rel 50)

Attain a relationship of 50 with Polly Nomial.

After completing this mission, you will receive a motorbike parked near your house. In the GBA games, the Yar Hey! Bombard! minigame is unlocked.

Part 3: None Shall PassEdit

Triggered by Gramma Hattie.

  • Earn Body 5 OR Charisma 5

Either on will fulfil this bulltein.

  • Meet at the Cemetery between 11PM and 12AM
  • Guard the Cemetery for 4 hours

Daddy Bigbucks will come first, after compelling to his arguments (make sure to choose: "Ha! You mean up to no evil!" when it comes up) he will send either Lily Gates (if charisma was earned), or Darius (if body was earned)

Darius has a few accusations. Choose the following answers for each of the corresponding accusations.

  1. Sorry, but I'm not supposed to let anyone through.
  2. I'm so strong I can deflect sunlight with my breath!
  3. And I'm so tough people call me "???"!*
  4. And I'm so crazy Detective Dan kicked me out of jail!
  • Varies depending on your rep group title, whichever option is not "Old School Scrub" or "The Flunky Foo" will be the correct one.

Lily Gates has a few accusations. Choose the following answers for each of the corresponding accusations.

  1. Yes! Abandon all hope, ye who enter here!
  2. But code 23.48b makes exceptions for one-time jobs.
  3. But this graveyard is PRIVATELY owned by the people buried there.
  4. But I AM wearing a uniform. This is the new style.

After completing this mission, a second section of the graveyard will be unlocked. Also, you will receive a recipe book.

Part 4: Get on the "List"Edit

Triggered by Cannonball Coleman.

  • Earn REP 2 with your Group
  • Take Tickets: 2-5 AM (Club Zydeco)

Go to Club Zydeco (The building with the saxophone logo in Sim Quarter) between 2-5 am. As you stand guard, Those sims will come: Roxanna Moxie, Lottie Cash, Maximilian Moore, Crystal, Sue Pirnova and Luthor L. Bigbucks. Accept only those not from the rep group Cannonball Coleman mentioned.

After completing this mission, you will receive a saxophone trophy. It will increase your prize money from the Soul Music minigame.

Part 5: High SocietyEdit

Triggered by Luthor L. Bigbucks.

Talk to Roxanna Moxie.

  • Purchase one Museum Exhibit

The cheapest one, in the second floor, costs §500. All the exhibits cost §10000 in total, and can be bought even after the mission has been completed.

  • Give§300 to Roxie for Travel Expenses

After completing this mission, you will receive a weekly check in the mail, valued 10% of the exhibits you've paid for.

Part 6: The Ballad of Pepper PeteEdit

Triggered by Mambo Loa after completing the first five parts.

Talk to Phoebe Twiddle, and then check the clothes rack near the mirror in the Second Looks' Thrift Store.

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