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Easy Essay On Save Water

Water that is clean scarcity became one from the large problems in India along with other nations around the globe affecting people’s lives in lots of ways. This large problem can't be solved alone or only several many people, it's the problem which needs global efforts of individuals together. We've provided various essays on save water under different word limits to assist students throughout their exam occasions or essay writing competitions. You are able to choose any essay given below based on your need and requirement.

Save Water Essay 1 (100 words)

Save water may be the water conservation for fixing the issues water scarcity later on. In lots of parts of the India along with other nations there's much lack of water and individuals need to go for lengthy distance to obtain consuming and cooking water to satisfy daily schedule. However, individuals are wasting more water than their daily need within the parts of sufficient water. Many of us need to comprehend the significance of water and problems associated with insufficient water later on. We ought to not waste and contaminate helpful water within our existence and promote water saving and conservation among people.

Save Water Essay 2 (150 words)

Water is easily the most precious gift towards the humanity through the character. Existence on earth can be done only due to water. Three-4th top of the earth is taught in water despite people suffer from water scarcity in lots of parts of the India along with other nations. Difficulties faced through the individuals various regions due to water scarcity train us to save and save water to be able to safeguard water atmosphere, save existence and save world.

Water is easily the most essential supply of existence on earth once we need water in each and every walk of existence like consuming, cooking, bathing, washing, growing crops, plants, etc. We ought to save water for correct way to obtain water to future decades without contaminating it. We ought to stop misusing water, manage water usage correctly, and keep the standard water.

Save Water Essay 3 (200 words)

Water may be the precious gift to the existence on earth in the God. Based on the accessibility to water on the planet we are able to understand the significance of water within our lives. Everything on earth need water like people, creatures, trees, plants, bugs, along with other life. Balance water on earth experiences the procedure like pouring down rain and evaporation. Three-4th top of the earth is encircled through the water however, consists of very less number of the water that is clean means fit for human use. So, the issue is using the scarcity of unpolluted water which might finish the existence here.

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Save Water

Water is necessary for life. Water is needed for domestic, agricultural and industrial purposes.

Three-fourth of Earth's surface is covered by water bodies. 97 per cent of this water is present in oceans as salt water and is unfit for human consumption. Fresh water accounts for only about 2.7 per cent. Nearly 70 per cent of this occurs as ice sheets and glaciers n Antarctica and other inaccessible places. Only one per cent of fresh water is available and fit for human use. So it is very important to conserve this precious resource. And yet we are contaminating the existing water resources with sewage, toxic chemicals and other wastes. Increasing population and rapid urbanisation has led to over-use of water resources leading to water pollution and scarcity.

Water scarcity can be defined as a situation when people don't have enough water to fulfil their basic needs. India is one of the many countries that are facing water scarcity today. In Rajasthan and some parts of Gujarat, women have to cover long distances on foot in order to get a pot of water. In cities like Bangalore, a family has to spend from Rs. 15 to Rs. 20 to meet their daily water needs. The problem becomes severe during summer months when availability of water decreases again. A recent study has revealed that about 25 per cent of urban population lack the accessibility to fresh water. Also there are several cases of privatisation of water bodies. This often leads to water scarcity in the nearby areas.

There are different methods to deal with water scarcity. Rain water harvesting is the best and most suitable method. Forest and other vegetation cover reduce surface runoff and recharge ground water. So, practise afforestation. We can also promote water conservation through media and by conducting public awareness programmes.

By practising these simple steps we can conserve water and ensure the availability of water to future generations. So don't tarry; start saving each and every drop of water. Let our motto be “Save water, save life, save the world”.

Amrita is a Std IX student at B.M.M. English Medium School, Pampady, Kottayam