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Short Essay About My Pet Rabbit

Good morning, today I’m going to talk about my pet rabbit. Actually I was going to talk about my opinions on PT3, I even prepared another script for that but then I found it too offensive so I just change the topic. So, about my pet rabbit, few years back, my parents left us to look out the house and they went out for weekly shopping. Me and my elder brother were watching television in the living room and we heard the sound of the key clinging, followed by my mum coming in. Thing seems pretty normal, but then my father came in with a cage. And yes, there’s my new pet in there. I remembered it being a white furry ball having two black shining eyes, with short ears. I was shocked, I never have any pet that I can play with other than those fish in the aquarium, imagine playing with a half-dead fish with smelly body and such. So of course a pet needs a name, we can’t think of any and later settles with the name Labit.

She’s cute and timid at first, but the longer the time you spend with that thing, you’ll realise that she’s not like the others. She then became really active, naughty and having personalities that other rabbits normally don’t have. Labit don’t eat carrots, she’ll push it away, seriously, she’ll pick out all the feeds she doesn’t like and she bite people. We all like that little guy very much, we bathe her, feed her, brush her, until one day she seems pretty weak than the other day, she didn’t eat, didn’t jump around like a crazy rabbit like the other day or such. We brought her to the veterinarian and found out she have some kind of sickness which has been in her gene since her mother give birth to her.

It’s pretty late when we found out and got no choice to bring her back to spend the last few months with her. We tried giving medicines and stuff but nothing works. The last few months of her life, she suffers serious pain and always screams when we bathe her, that moment was the worst, it was awful, she’s screaming in a high pitch, suffering alone in such sickness but we couldn’t help. One morning, we woke up and found her dead bodies in the cage, alone in the darkness. I cried when my dad buried her. She’s now at the other side of the street, resting in peace under a tree. I couldn’t forget her, and I guess I might need some time until I could have another pet again. I created a Facebook account and named it Labit to commemorate her.

A snake has a long body, small eyes and a small nose. It is from Africa. Snakes are very clever animals. They eat insects, but they don't eat cheese! Snakes like small mice very much.

Anđela Tomić, IV5, March 2012

Lions are my favourite animals. They've got an orange body, a small nose and ears. They eat meat. They've got short legs and a tail. Lions are very fast animals.

Miona Vujošević, IV5

Mina Vidović IV1

My favourite animal is a panda. It eats bamboo. It is beautiful and it can climb trees. There are black and white and red pandas. Pandas live in China.

Mina Vidović, IV1

Adam Petrov IV1

My favourite animal is a rabbit. It eats carrots. It has got a short tail but long ears. Rabbits have got four legs. They are sweet animals.

Adam Petrov, IV1

Igor Zagorac IV1
Jovana Kljajić IV2

My favourite animal is a giraffe. Giraffes live in Africa. They are the tallest animals. They have got a long neck and a short tail. Giraffes are orange with brown points. They don't eat meat. They eat the leaves of trees.

Jovana Kljajić, IV2

Kristian Balaž IV2

My favourite animal is a giant panda. Pandas live in China. They have black and white fur. They have got a big round body and a short tail. Pandas eat any of the twenty-five bamboo species in the wild.

Kristian Balaž, IV2

Milan Jakšić IV2

My favourite animal is an elephant. It has got big ears and a big body. It has got big tusks. It has got a long tail and small eyes. It can hear very well. It looks like a mammoth. An elephant hasn't got a nose. It has got a trunk. I like elephants very much.

Milan Jakšić, IV2

Tijana Varađanin IV2

Dolphins are sea animals. They're grey and they have flippers. Dolphins are very clever. They eat fish. They can swim very fast.

Tijana Varađanin IV2

Tijana Varađanin IV2
Parrots are birds. They live in jungles. They eat seeds. Parrots have got two legs, a beak and colourful feathers. They can fly very fast.

Tijana Varađanin IV2