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So many job seekers underestimate the importance of well-written cover letters. Effective attention grabbing cover letters are critical to your job search! Did you know that so many times cover letters, NOT resumes are responsible for landing the key job interviews? It's true.

We have compiled this "cover letters" help page to assist you in making the right choice regarding this all-important job search tool. Below you will find three categories of cover letters to help you. Below each cover letters category are the top picks we've chosen, with links to the web pages.

If you find any other cover letters sites that you find helpful please contact us. If you'd like to check out our cool, helpful website just click here:, we offer a brand new breakthrough product called the "Amazing Cover Letter Creator"

Jimmy Sweeney, a career expert and professional writer, authors this interactive e-book. You simply download the "Amazing Cover Letter Creator" right onto your computer and within minutes you can create job search cover letters for any position and any career situation.

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Application Letter - Resume - Top

CareerJimmy - Resume samples, cover letter samples, job interview tips.

Amazing Resume Creator - Create job search resumes and CV's quickly and easily.

Job Interview Secret - Ace your next job interview using this "secret" career document.

Professional Resumes - Online resume and application letter writing service. Highly Recommended.

JobStar Resume Index - Full career information with index specializing in everything resumes.


Cover Letters - Top

Cover Letter Help ( - Features great cover letter tips, example cover letters, the importance of a cover letter. This site has a wealth of information for the job seeker. Including some great tips from author Yana Parker.

Career - A very cool site with loads of information for job hunters. They have some fantastic tips for writing great cover letters. The site is a little confusing to navigate in our opinion but is loaded with so much helpful content I still highly recommend it.

Cover Letters - cover letters and free job search advice.


Cover Letters - Samples - Examples - Top

More Sample Cover Letters ( - The "Authority Website" with some fantastic cover letter letter content. Also great cover letters samples, examples and templates.

Cover Letter Sample Recommendation ( - Another great resume cover letter spot to find a huge variety of cover letter formats, samples, examples, styles and types.

Cover Letter Sample The Greatest Cover Letter Sample on the Internet.


Resumes - Cover Letters - Top

Resume - Cover Letter - ( - Cover letter and resume writing expert, Kevin Donlin, is the owner of this site and the author of "Resume and Cover Letter Secrets Revealed." If you're the do-it-yourself type and want to write your own cover letters, this is probably the best book we've reviewed on the topic. Kevin also runs one of the most successful resume writing services online today. I recommend all of Kevin's services highly. He also provides a wealth of free information for job seekers.

Career - Great articles on cover letters, resumes, job interview tips, follow up cover letters; unique ideas and strategies to turbo charge your job search. This is one fantastic site that every job seeker should visit. You name it they've got it. And if you'd like to read some of the best job search articles on the web, they've got them too. We give this site our highest recommendation specifically for the job hunter. - An editing intermediary service that connects writers with the professional editors of their choice. Through the EditAvenue portal you can select English professors, technical writers, lawyers, copy editors, scientists, or any of their other 250+ editing experts to correct and enhance your writing.

Resume Examples - Offers resume examples to download, writing tips and an interview guide.


Career - Top

Jobbankusa - Search for jobs and careers - find a quality job today!

Career Advice Plus - A career advice information site with planning, training, testing, and resume services tips. Get the advice you need to further your career goals today!

Court Reporter School - Training - Job guide - An affiliate of If you're looking for a career in court reporting, there isn't a better website online today.

IceJobs - Recruitment Consultants based in Mumbai, India offering jobs in all industry sectors including Information Technology, Software, Retail and Engineering. Extensive career related resources available.

Free Resume Help

Gilbert Resumes
- A premier resume service, directed by one of the country' leading resume
writers, the former president of the National Resume Writers' Association.

Free Resume- Publish your resume online and have your own web page. Offering
resume writing tips and examples.

Term Papers - American writers at EssayTown provide sample research to help college students write term papers, essays, book reports, dissertations, research papers, and theses.

Customer Service Jobs - Latest customer service vacancies online at Jobserve. Search Jobserve, the recruitment website for a wide range of jobs worldwide.

College Careers - The College Careers section on College News is tailored towards college students who are looking to find current news on careers today and to apply to new jobs. From writing a great resume to interviewing techniques, College News is the one-stop shop for a student's job search. College News also has a job board and multiple resources for gaining insight into the current job market.


This Cover Letters Resource Page Is Brought To You By:

Here’s your chance to do what few other job hunters do––write two powerful cover letters that will put you in front of the pack. You might be wondering what this is all about.

A cover letter’s a cover letter, isn’t it?

Now am I telling you there are various flavors?

That’s exactly what I’m saying. With millions of people looking for jobs each year, you need to try something new.

Forget vanilla letters.

Let’s go for rocky road and praline chip.

#1: Networking Cover Letter
The networking cover letter helps you reach out to the people in your life who can help you the most––family members, friends, neighbors, associates, and professional men and women.

They can assist you in making contacts you might never be able to make on your own. Ask them for employment leads, referrals from their circle of influence, advice, knowledge, and even personal introductions.

To achieve these leads, start with a master list of everyone you can think of.

Take out those old business cards you stuffed in a pocket or drawer. Look at association rosters, church directories, e-mail address books, any and all groups you are affiliated with. Then send your networking cover letter to each person on the list, asking for help. This will take some time to accomplish but it will pay off, I promise you that.

The more people who know about you and what you need and want, the greater the results.

Networking Cover Letter Tips:

• Limit your letter to one page.
• List your abilities and strengths.
• Ask for job leads and referrals.
• Clip your resume to the cover letter.
• Send a thank you note to those who respond.

#2: The All-In-One Resume Cover Letter

The resume cover letter combines the best of a cover letter and resume in one. This letter is an ideal tool to catch the interest of recruiters, headhunters, and agencies where brevity and speed are essential.

Condense the essentials from your resume and put them in a bulleted list within the letter itself. Strive for one page. This powerful document helps you gain attention, make your point, and ask for what you want.

So why wait another minute? Step up to the task of landing that dream job with these two letters that will increase your ‘net’ worth: the networking cover letter and an all-in-one resume cover letter.

Article Written by Jimmy Sweeney


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