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Essay Traffic Jam India

Traffic is a part of our life, which makes our life easier. Through vehicle today we can easily cross the long distance in a short time. Humans have made unprecedented development in every field, Vehicle is also not untouched by it. For the first traffic, various animals such as dumps, horses, bulls, elephants, or man-made hand carts, small vessels in water were used.

It took months for them to cross a long distance. Human development and science made our life so easy. Without the means of traffic, we can not imagine our life now, because we have had it before. We have a lot of benefits from traffic, but this too often becomes a problem for us. Let’s talk about the problem and its solution today.

Types of transport

Today in the 21st century, humans have given three main means of transport
Air traffic: Airplane, helicopter, jet plane
Water traffic: Ship,motor boat, cruise
Road traffic 6 wheeler vehicle truck, bus, 4 wheeler car, jeep, taxi, auto rickshaw, hand rickshaw, bicycle,the train etc. are the main place in this list.

Essay on Traffic Problem and Solution

Though we are benefitted by the means of traffic, the problems faced by them and their solutions have been explained in detail below.

A unique example of the wonders of air traffic science is the aerospace. Seeing the birds are flying in the sky, Human mind wishes to fly. And whatever comes once in the mind of the person remains the same. From the imagination of it, Man made the airplane. This made it easier to go to any place. Traveling abroad has not been difficult for anyone now.

Problems with Air Traffic

The lives of the birds have become in danger, many casualties were learned from the airplane every day. Air Pollution started to increase. The construction of the airship began to be spent more to facilitate the pleasure.In order to make large airports, The forests began to be destroyed. Different Technical problems are taking the human life. In addition to aircraft, fighter aircraft are used at war.

The airplane should be such that there is no air pollution. It should not be used for war.A good engineer should be appointed, which does not have any technical difficulties.

Water vehicle has made the journey possible on the big deep sea. Small boats have taken the place of bigger ship, cruise today. Tourists also like to travel in the big ship in the sea. These ships floating in the sea are like a luxury hotel, which has all the conveniences. It takes the time to move from one place to another, but the journey is quite interesting. Cruise is also very popular nowadays. In the cruise nowadays, people also organize parties, which have different experiences. In Kashmir, there is a voting house in Kerala, which is on a lake or pond, in which you can live as long as you want. Larger ships are also a good means of importing. Imported goods from one country to another country are made through large ships.

Train is the easiest, comfortable, less expensive tool of traffic. The train started with a steam engine, but today this diesel runs from electricity. Thousands of people visit thousands of kilometers by train. To strengthen Indian Railways, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is working hard. Today there are thousands of trains, which are connecting the country from one place to another. There is also an AC coach for the rest of the train, as well as plenty of food to eat. You can easily go for less money in the sleeper class. There is a 200 km per hour train today in our country. Metro trains are also found in many parts of the country. Also, work on the bullet train has started.

Cars, jeeps, vans, buses and other cars run on the road, making our life easier. Today, there are many luxury cars in the market. From low prices to hundreds of crores of cars, people can buy it according to their status. Rickshaw on the road within the city, auto, bike, scooter, bicycle Swatch, which is the common man’s budget comes, and thus determine the distance in a short time.

We not only benefit greatly from road traffic but also a lot of smoke generated from trains causes air pollution.Road Traffic Rules have been made by the Government of India, but many times people do not follow it. The road accident has become common. Every day thousands of people in the country are killed in road accidents.

To make tracks for trains large mountains, forests are cut. The environment is having a very bad effect. The bridge is being built on rivers, oceans to add road traffic, so the water is also polluted. The man has become lazy by using the means of this traffic, they also use the car in less distance.

Increasing the vehicle has increased the use of petrol, diesel. The biggest problem of road traffic is traffic jams, which make people in the big city more upset. To solve the problem of road traffic

Knowledge of traffic rules should be spread, to reduce the rate of a road accident. Do not run a car with smoke, as well as possible use a bicycle for short distance, or use a public transport. This will not take different petrol diesel in every car.

We can take advantage of the traffic instrument only when we use it correctly. Today, if we keep the environment clean, then we will be able to give our next generation a beautiful atmosphere.

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Traffic jam, is a condition where there is increase in transport congestions and vehicles takes more time to move and start lining up. This increases the waiting time in the queue and slow moving of vehicles, which in turn leads to time delay. The most important reason of Traffic jam is increase in vehicles in each and every home. In addition to this, most people prefer road trips in personal vehicles, when compared to other modes of transport. Due to this reason, the movement of vehicles is completely stopped for a particular period of time causing ‘Traffic Jam’.

Causes of Traffic Jam

The main cause of traffic jam if increase in the number of vehicles and the minimal availability of street capacity. Once the street capacity has reached a saturation point, the condition may lead to traffic. Traffic jam also occurs due to reasons like accidents, road work or due to damaged road. In addition to that, the climatic changes like raining and snowing, is also the reason for traffic congestion. In India, traffic jams are also caused due to toll gates, in which each vehicle spends a specific amount of time for making payment and receiving the toll receipts.

Now a days, in many places they are also constructing enormous structures like flyover, in order to manage the upcoming traffic congestion. Until the completion of these flyovers, the roadways are blocked and traffic is diverted leading to unexpected congestion during day time. And also, now a days, unlicensed vehicles and unlicensed drivers have increased in number, due to economical upgrade, which leads to number of vehicles on road than expected, causing congestion. Another main cause of traffic jam is rash drivers, people who are not obeying the traffic signals and shops who are extending their parking space blocking the road area.

Disadvantages of Traffic Jam

There are many disadvantages of traffic jam and few are as follows:

  • Waste of time is considered as the main disadvantage of traffic jam, since most people waste their most precious time in traffic congestion.
  • Time delay, which may lead to late arrival in meetings, in reporting in school, interview or business proportions which may lead to loss in business or disciplinary actions etc.
  • Wastage of fuel and the increase in pollution is also a main disadvantage of traffic jam. This also increases the current temperature of our cities.
  • During emergency time, when the road is blocked we may face many difficulties.
  • Increased chance of collision and accidents, due to tight spacing of vehicles and slow moving vehicles.

Traffic Jam Corrective measures

If everyone can follows the below steps, there is a chance of reducing the traffic jam:

  • Usage of public transport.
  • Following the road rules
  • Road re-work can be done at night times.
  • Parking before the shops can be avoided.
  • Vehicles using the dedicated lanes for their vehicles.
  • Reducing the speed limit, avoids accidents and traffic tends to reduce as well.


All the citizens must follow the rules and regulation, in order to reduce the traffic in future.