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Case Study Template Business Proposal


See how someone else might respond in similar circumstances

Everybody wants a sample of a business proposal or template to follow. Unfortunately, a proposal sample or template for a different set of customer expectations may be useless and could even steer you in the wrong direction. And yet, some people just want to see what a proposal looks like.

We wrote this tutorial to describe common circumstances and provide samples and formats and with discussion about how to use them in your proposal. This document will provide you with inspiration, show you some ways that other people do their proposals, and provide you with some anecdotes from the proposal development efforts we have participated in. We think it is better than a sample or template because it is easier to apply in real world situations.

This document packs 3 templates, 11 samples, several anecdotes, and 5 case studies into 40 pages.You get:


  • A template for letter proposals and two samples
  • A template for a proposal schedule and two samples
  • A discussion of how to write an outline and a sample
  • A sample cross-reference matrix
  • A template for an Executive Summary followed by an example
  • A discussion of the technical approach and management plan
  • Two samples of project summary formats
  • Three sample formats for presenting resumes
  • Plus some formatting tips and tricks that we've learned

Not only that, but you will also get 6 Sample Proposal Layouts.  

Want to see several different ways you can format a proposal?  Each comes with comments on the features and trade-offs involved in each layout.

In addition, you will also get a FREE copy of12 Sample Proposal Introduction Paragraphs.  

Introduction paragraphs often contain some of the worst proposal writing.  It's as if it takes people a while to get warmed up, and so they start writing and then try to figure out what to say.  If you learn how to write a decent introductory paragraph for a proposal, it can guide the rest of what you have to write. This extra document contains a dozen versions of what is essentially the same introduction paragraph, with comments showing more than 50 things done wrong and how to correct them. 


Our tutorials are packed with valuable tips, tricks, and lessons learned from years of proposal writing experience.


Our tutorials are packed with valuable tips, tricks, and lessons learned from years of proposal writing experience. They will help you accomplish specific tasks necessary to win new business and average 20-30 pages in length. The information is available for download immediately after purchasing.  No shipping required!  Hardcopies can also be ordered.

Will your tutorials meet the needs of my business? They will help you figure out how to write the proposal that is right for you and your audience.

What type of proposals are they for? Our tutorials address business proposals that are based on written RFPs as well as those that are not. They are relevant to both the Government and commercial market places.

Will it make writing my proposal easier? Absolutely. Once you know which questions to ask, you have a better shot at finding the answers. Our tutorials will help you deliver a proposal that meets your customers expectations.

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  • Purchases may be made online using a credit card, with immediate access upon payment.
  • Please purchase 1 copy for each person who will need a copy, just like you would a book.
  • Each tutorial must be downloaded and is in an Adobe Acrobat PDF file (300-400kb).
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Let Your Customers Tell Your Story:
Create Compelling Customer Testimonials

Dear [Client.FirstName],

[Sender.Company] is excited to share this proposal with you. Your customers can be your best product evangelists, and compelling case studies are an essential tool for your sales team. However, as you’ve found, sometimes these important pieces of sales collateral are hard to complete with internal staff, particularly when it involves coordination between customer, marketing & sales.

[Sender.Company] focuses relentlessly on both the process and the craft of creating outstanding sales collateral, particularly customer case studies. We are experts in capturing the business value of your current customers’ experience, and in communicating that value to your prospective customers.

We have deep experience working with clients of all sizes, and years of experience in creating messages that resonate teams in [Client.Industry].

The following pages include details of the full scope of our proposal, including a sample outline for finished case study. We hope to hear from you soon.



Table of Contents

Let Your Customers Tell Your Story: Create Compelling Customer Testimonials
Table of Contents
1. Situation Analysis
2. The Proposal
3. Timeline, Milestones & Deliverables
4. Joint Accountabilities
5. About Us
6. Pricing, Terms & Conditions
7. Terms and Conditions

1. Situation Analysis

[Client.Company] needs to build a library of marketing content based on existing customer experience, both for lead nurture and for sales collateral. This library will be a key part of sales enablement for [Client.Product1] and [Client.product2].

The first contribution to this library will be a series of [Client.NumProposed] customer case studies, as proposed here.

During our time together, we’ll work directly with:

  • the [Client.Company] sales team – to identify and be introduced to customer for these case studies
  • the [Client.Company] marketing & creative team – to craft messages and ensure brand consistency
  • the [Client.Company] customers

If we are able to kick off the project by [Client.TargetStartDate], we can aim for a completion date of [Client.TargetCompletionDate]. Of course, timing will be highly dependent on our customers’ schedule.

We will plan on weekly meetings to track progress and goals. With our extensive experience in [Client.Industry], we’re looking forward to making this project a successful one.

2. The Proposal

[Sender.Company] will create up to [Client.NumProposed] Customer Case Studies, starting with outreach to [Client.CompanyName] customers, interviews, writing, and final design. To ensure that we are able to complete [Client.NumProposed] case studies, it is required that [Client.Company] provide names and contact information for twice that number of clients who have provided preliminary approval to participate.

[Sender.Company] will commit to completing the following activities, with [Client.CompanyName] support:
Create a custom interview guide to use with each customer
Interview customers to understand how they have used [Client.CompanyName] products, what use cases they have implemented, and what quantifiable and strategic impact they have achieved.
Develop written content for each case study (estimated to be 1-2 pages once designed)
Provide design services to produce the final case studies
Project management for all above activities

Examples of our work can be seen on our website here: [Insert Link to Website]

By taking a disciplined approach, we can be very successful in finishing these case studies in the timing required.

3. Timeline, Milestones & Deliverables

Following the outlined timeline below, [Sender.Company] will deliver 3 fully written, designed, and produced Customer Case Studies, in both PDF and Adobe InDesign format.

Project Kickoff[Client.TargetStartDate]
  • Identify customer target list
  • Finalize overall themes for testimonials
  • Participants: [Sender.Company], representatives from [Client.Company] sales and marketing teams
MilestoneTarget Date (with less prep):Details
Interview Guide[Client.InterviewGuide]
  • Phone/in person if possible
  • Target [Client.NumProposed] + 1 interviews
Draft Case Studies Ready for Review[Client.DraftDate]
  • Review and comments needed from [Client.Company]
 [Client.Company] Approvals[Client.ApprovalDate]
  • Critical to identify all decision makers in advance
 Customer Approvals[Client.TargetCompletionDate]

4. Joint Accountabilities

[Sender.Company] commits to:

  • Managing project deadlines
  • Ongoing communication regarding deadlines to [Client.Company] personnel
  • Availability via telephone and email, within 1 business day for project related questions
  • Prompt communication of anything that impacts project schedule or success

[Client.Company] commits to:

  • Providing all information with relevance to the project
  • Identifying individuals from [Client.Company] who will be involved and who need final review authority
  • Securing customers to participate in interviews
  • Ensuring final approval from customers
  • Prompt communication of anything that impacts project schedule or success

5. About Us

[Sender.Company] a boutique strategy, marketing and communications firm dedicated to our clients’ success. We have the experience and passion to bring your customer case studies to life, bringing clarity and speed to your sales process.

The [Sender.Company] team members below were carefully chosen to provide the very best service to [Client.Company].

[Team Member A][Team Member B]
Project LeadershipCopy & Design (with less prep):
[Team Member A Bio][Team Member B Bio]

6. Examples of Our Work

[Sender.Company] has created Customer Case Studies and Testimonials for clients both large and small, in industries from consumer products to B2B technologies.

Below are examples of prior client work [Client.Company] might find interesting. One is a print document, much like what [Sender.Company] is proposing, as well as a video format Customer Case Study, for inspiration.

6. Pricing, Terms & Condition

Case Study Content Creation$1,500.003$4,500.00
ServicePrice(with less prep):QTY LeadershipSubtotal(with less prep):
Case Study Format Design$3,000.001$3,000.00

7. Terms and Conditions

Fees are payable as follows:

  • 25% installment due at time of project kickoff, [Client.TargetStartDate]
  • 50% installment due at time of [Client.Company] approval, [Client.ApprovalDate]
  • Final 25% due at time of [Client.TargetCompletionDate]

The terms and conditions of this proposal are subject to change based on collaboration and discovery with [Client.Company] and [Sender.Company] and their mutual agreement therein.

By signing below, both parties indicate their acceptance of this proposal, and constitute approval to begin work if [Client.Company] policies do not require an additional consultant agreement.

Signed by:
Signed by: