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Billy Elliot The Musical Live The Coal Miners Strike Of

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Billy Elliot

Segment 1:

* The film starts with a close up shot of Billy playing the CD player. This is followed by the song "I was dancing when I was 12; dance myself right up through the roof." As audience, we see the visual images of Billy jumping up and down as though dancing. The fragmented images consist of a variety of close-up shots of Billy jump up the screen. It then pans out to long shots and we are informed about Billy's playful nature and his passion towards dancing. The music also creates an energetic mood which links to the actions presented. These joyful expressions indicate a process of maturation. This is also reinforced by the contrast between the yellow and green colours that he wears.

* The significant words can be heard in the song are "I was dancing when I was 12. Dance myself right up the moon. I was dancing when I was 8...take strength to dance".

* Billy's home is a simply working class family. The setting of microcosm is employed here to show a world into Billy's family. This is a home of working class people with no extravagance and simple setting. This indicates that their financial status is also simple, which foreshadows the loss of Mother. This can be seen in a mid-shot where Billy prepares breakfast in the kitchen early in the morning. The lack of orderly fashion is presented through this shot. As audience we feel sympathetic for Billy's social status.

* Dolly-shot was used to capture Billy running up the road to find his grandma in a nearby park. This is significant in representing that Billy is also responsible to his family with a duty to look after his grandma who presents the feature of dementia.

* Billy suddenly leaves the kitchen because his grandma is gone to the nearby park. This is achieved by a long shot of the empty bed to indicate that something is wrong. Prior to this, Billy is busy with preparing breakfast for his grandma early in the morning. His intuitive and sensitive nature is displayed here. This is important as it displays a multifaceted characterisation of Billy.

* The relationship between Billy and his grandma is intimate. This is reflected in the mid-shot of them when Billy finds his grandma in the park. "It's Billy, grandma" as Billy gently grasses his grandma's hand as a sign of warmth. He has a sense of empathy for his grandma and the soft tone of voice is presented to emphasise he's sensitive to the needs of people.

* An extreme long shot is juxtaposed with the mid-shot of Billy and his Grandma. The miner strike appears in the background to give a sense of distance between Billy's world and the external physical world. Here the miner strike is also first introduced to us. An establishing shot is presented to show the violence of the picket line. Billy's brother Tony is in the midst of the action...

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