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Stoked to play #FreedomFest at Squaw Valley USA this July 1st, 2017 along with a terrific line-up!














It’s been a while since I’ve updated this page, but there’s just been so much going on… Still, that’s no excuse! After a great run of shows up and down the California coast in April and May, I spent a little time in North Lake Tahoe, CA before packing up the Outside Van and heading back down to Nashville, TN to co-write a few more tunes with some pals, track some more band songs for the upcoming release, and write a few others on my own to see if I couldn’t beat out anything already slotted for the new project. It was so awesome to get back in the studio at The Art House with Grammy Award-winning producer and engineer, Richie Biggs, and a terrific cast of session players. All told, I have a solid chunk of new tunes under my belt after a few weeks back in Tennesee and three more full-band recordings tracked, too. This new record is definitely coming along and is taking shape nicely – I can’t wait to share it with you all!

Dropping into Granite Peak at Squaw Valley USA the day before heading back to Nashville, TN. Photo: Mike Rogge













Meanwhile, it was hotter and more humid than you-know-what down there, and no amount of hot chicken, BBQ, sweet tea, or otherwise could make up for it! So, as productive and fun as it was being back in Nashville, even the four-day drive back to some long gigs in Northern California couldn’t keep me from wanting to get into a some drier and cooler surroundings (let’s face it, #vanlife in the South is brutal in the summer months without air conditioning). So, after a marathon drive over the last few days, I made the final stretch from Salt Lake City, UT to Clio, CA after about nine hours, just in time to load in, sound check, and play my gig. It was so great to be back in the mountains, doing my thing, and I can’t wait for a few more dates this July 4th weekend at Squaw Valley USA for #FreedomFest and more.

It was so hot doing the #vanlife thing in Nashville, TN! I’m glad to be back to some cooler and drier weather in NorCal.













As always, keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming performance dates and come on out and say “hi”, if you’re near! If you don’t see anything on the calendar near you, just let me know via my contact form and I’ll do my best to come to you! In the mean time, here’s to a fun, safe, and patriotic Independence Day Weekend and a wonderful summer to follow! See you out there soon, friends!

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