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Dissertation On Leadership And Management

List Of Winning Dissertation Topics On Leadership And Management

A student who is pursuing a degree in business management is well acquainted with the two terms- leadership and management. The theme of the definition lies in the way they are used to motivate the people. Leadership means motivating the people to do some work with the leader personally essaying a key role in the job. On the other hand, managers are those who supervise a group of people regarding what needs to be done for the organization. Organizational leadership basically studies that management team who deals with the administration and financial services of an organization as a group and work for the organization’s betterment. So, you can fathom how these two terms are essential for the smooth functioning of a company.

As a student of business studies, you need to know about these two terms as well. Therefore, in order to understand these concepts well, you may be given to write a dissertation on leadership and management. This is done in order to measure how far as a student of business studies and management you have gained an overall good knowledge about management and leadership. But since the subject matter is huge, you are bound to get clueless on what subject should be chosen for writing the project. If you are not well aware of the topics related to these two terms, then you can try out this agency to get a guideline about the works that can be done. Before you decide on a topic, you need to consider some points that will make your choice better.

  • a) How the topic will help you in your academic career.
  • b) How the topic is relevant to the present society.
  • c) Whether there is any existing literature available in the context of the subject which will make your research better.

Below are presented a list of thesis topics you can choose from for writing your paper:

List of topics:

  1. How can a leader manage a team of workers and motivate them to work more for a better output within the organization?
  2. Organizational culture and the role of leadership within an organization.
  3. The concept of a global work culture and the role of the MNCs in leading this.
  4. How can leadership and management be combined to get the best possible outcome in the healthcare sector?
  5. How can a leader plan financially and manage work in order to save more and maximize profit?
  6. Leadership, management and work ethics.

These are some of the topics that can be explored on the topic of leadership and management.

Leadership and management often go together and as such dissertation topics in leadership and management correspond to both aspects. Although the characteristics are not necessarily the same- indeed, both correspond to different personality traits, yet they are complementary to each other. Hence, research topics on leadership and management consider the larger picture within the domain, rather than studying any one characteristic alone, which would be quite a difficult task to accomplish. The following is a list of suitable leadership and management topics to guide the potential researcher.

List of dissertation/ thesis topics in leadership and management

Though it took me some time to find some good research topics in leadership and management, but, at last, it is online for students either pursuing undergraduate degree or masters. I am sure the post now can help you with the research topic you are looking for or give you some random ideas to come up with a topic for your dissertation by your own. In both cases, the post serves its purpose.

Leadership and management in the non-profit organization- perspectives from the US.

Leadership- how does it impact management? A review of the IT Sector.

How compatible is leadership with management in the nursing sphere?

Management and its impact on organizational efficiency.

How do leadership and management skills allow for SME operational excellence?

The core competencies of leadership and management functions within the hospitality industry- review from the UK.

How does the Transformational and Charismatic Leadership Theory add to existing literature on the role of leadership in operational excellence within the nursing sector?

The role of leadership in evidence-based management- a review of the UK healthcare sector.

Globalization and impact of culture on leadership and management in the financial sector of the US.

How much do leadership qualities matter in quality of management in US based Universities?

Transformational and Charismatic Leadership- a systematic analysis.

A review of the leadership and management styles followed in the European banking sector.

Care quality at residential aged care institutions- a leadership and management perspective.

A review of the historic and current principles and theories of leadership and management- a global perspective.

An empirical analysis of how institutional management shapes students as future leaders- perspectives from the UK.

An analysis of the practical role of leadership and management in complex and challenging situations- review of the literature.

An investigative approach to power balances in leadership and management structures of multinational companies.

The impact of leadership and management in R&D departments of consumer goods manufacturers.

A comparative analysis of the leadership and management styles between developed and developing countries.

The impact of gender in leadership positions on management- review of the literature.

Leadership in the Operating Room- current practice and challenges in the UK.

Leadership and management challenges in international football teams- a look at the Manchester Football Club.

A systematic review of nursing leadership and management in the care for patient dignity and respect in the UK healthcare sector.

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There you go. Use the list well and let us know if you have any comments or suggestions for our topics related blog posts for the future.