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A Woman Place Is In The Home Argumentative Essay

A Woman’s Place Is Not In The House

First of all, some men should stop thinking that a woman’s place is in the house. Because, it is not! If men would try to adapt some of the attitudes, and behavior of women, we may see a reduction in the divorce rate or a more stable relationship amongst couples. Some women tent to talk about things that are bothering them, while the men
keeps everything inside, hence he becomes isolated in the relationship.
Some men were taught at an early age to believe that a woman’s place is in the house. However, things have changed over the years, and more women are now working. And the men are expecting the woman to continue doing everything around the house without offering their help. This will create a stressful atmosphere because the woman is now overwhelmed. She is overworked because her partner sits in the “big chair” and waits for her to pick up the children, fix the dinner, give them a bath, and then take care of him. The woman puts his dinner on the table, and serves him this favorite beer.
Then, after that she checks homework before the children retire for bed. Most women do all of these things because they were taught at an early age that this was part of their upbringing. Although we were brought up in the same house, boys and girls were treated differently. And as we got older we reiterate these principles into our own household, telling our daughters that they should take care of their family at all times.
Therefore, some men should start adopting some of the woman traits. They can start by being more caring. For example, if men were more caring, they would be more mindful and helpful to the women, and assist with the household chores. It would be easier for him to recognize the pressure she is under. Thus, he would volunteer to take on some of the responsibilities. He could start by fixing dinner while she is out picking up the children because he is home first. From my...

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  • Don't let her escape

    A woman is not some being with two legs that can walk around and make life choices. She is an animal, a fragile bird that must be caged in order to prevent it from flying away. With women out of the home what will happen next? Will men be expected to talk to their children?

  • For the sake of children, it is.

    During World War II, women entered the work force out of necessity. While the majority of men were fighting overseas, women were relegated to fill the vacant positions. Without women performing these jobs, America would have been incapable of victory. However, when women entered the work force, juvenile delinquency began to skyrocket, divorce began to skyrocket, and the social catastrophes we still face today can be linked directly to this period. With no parent at home to care for their children, the children are the ones who suffer. Women are capable of performing nearly all the same jobs as men, but it doesn't mean they should.

  • Most Definetly, Yes.

    I believe that women should stay at home, take care of the house, bills, and children. Adding on an actual job just wears women out and one of the two jobs is most likely going to be ignored often. I was raised the man goes out and provides for his family, while the woman stays home and does the rest. It only makes since. I wish I could get that through my fiance`s head but he believes otherwise. A real man can support his family AT LEAST in the aspect, considering the woman already has enough on her hands at home. That's whats wrong with this world today, children are ignored because their parents put them off on a babysitter, daycare, or other family member.

  • Lady of the house

    Yes women have rights and the choice of where to work. They have the right to enter any room in the house and the choice of which room they would like to clean first. Women need to learn their place in society. A happy wife is a barefoot and pregnant wife.

  • Of course it is

    Just look at how smoothly society functioned before WWI:
    minimal divorces
    successful marriages
    kids were given attention
    everyone knew their place and they were happy with it - no one objected

    women began working only because they had to - workers were needed in factories

    without a woman holding the home together, we can see how everything is falling apart now

  • Yes they are to stay home

    The bible never intend for woman to go and work in business suits join the armies argue in court as attorneys neither did he want us to learn how to hold ak47's. He wanted us to stay home bare the children cook and take care of the house!! For that is what we were created to do! There's nothing wrong with being in a career path but our original duty was and is to stay home and make a family!!!

  • Capital YES for that

    Women are met to enjoy, take care of home and anything that related to it. Man is meant to struggle, get all the necessary things for the family. If women are working, she might loss her integrity along the line, especially those in POLITICS. May God help us to be a real MAN as expected by the world.

  • Just stay home

    Since women started working outside the home the American economy has dwindled. Working women is not the only reason our country is suffering but it is the leading cause we are no longer thriving. There are a few positions that single women, yes, SINGLE women only should be allowed to perform. (Elementary school teachers and secretaries)

  • Yes most definitely hahahahhaha hueheuehueheu

    It is quite common for a woman to stay home after getting married. They want to stay home mostly because they want to have babies, raise their children and take care of their family. Without this, keeping the house in control would be very tiring and very time consuming.Therefore, in my opinion, a woman’s place is in the home.

    The society functioned smoothly before World War 1, there were minimal divorces, successful marriages, kids were given a lot of attention and everyone knew their place. Nobody objected. Women began working because they had to. Workers were needed in factories. Without a woman holding a home together, everything would fall apart.

  • It is quite common these days for women

    It is quite common these days for women in some countries to stay home after getting married.The reasons for this trend may involve the recognition that there are so many things for women to do after they get married, particularly for those who decide to have babies, raising children, taking care of her family and keeping house all is very tired and time consuming. Therefore, if the women can stay home, it will be easier for them and even for their ........... for details.